“It’s not enough to be busy. Even ants are busy.”

If you would have been a university student of mine, you would have noticed this quote posted on my office wall. Ants look like they’re busy all the time. We can look busy all the time. But, it’s not enough to be busy.

While I might seem to be scurrying around, I’m am not simply “busy” here in Midland, TX. I’m seeking to positively influence those in attendance and how we all influence each other’s lives.

Let me ask, is making a positive contribution toward others a goal for you in your “busy” day today? If so, great! If not, it can be.

After hearing me speak about the 8 Great Smarts on Sunday, one of the public school teachers wrote that she was glad to be reminded that she wasn’t “just a teacher.” She is a world changer! When teachers help children grow and change, they make the world a better place for their students. Teachers change families. Strong families, in turn, make healthy communities. Healthy communities coming together can change states. States can help change the nation. You get it. Do you think it’s true? I do.

Excellent teachers are among my heroes. I pray they’re busy influencing many lives today. Let’s all be busy on purpose. Intentionally influencing others. Changing lives. Making the world a better place. Praise God!