Technology, Family, & Culture - Interview with Summit Ministries

Technology, Family, & Culture

Interview with Summit Ministries

Today’s blog is unique. This is a full one-hour interview I did with Aaron Atwood, the Director of Development at Summit Ministries. We talk about technology and the family. It’s a broad and deep interview. God was faithful to give Aaron questions relevant to many families. He gave me clear thinking and the words to communicate some of my strongest passions about technology.


I think you’ll really enjoy this. Please make the time to listen. Then get your preteens and teens and listen again. Talk about this with them. They need to know what you think and you need to know what they think. Perhaps saving the link so you can listen annually will be a good idea.

Are you familiar with Summit Ministries? Maybe you’ve seen that I spoke to Summit students this summer. Their two-week training in worldview and more is life-changing and rich. I encourage you to look into it for your teens and young adults and for your grandchildren. The investment is worth it.

Also, especially if you homeschool your kids, be aware that they have excellent worldview curriculum.

If you’d like to understand Christian worldview and other worldviews, Dr. Jeff Myers’ book, The Secret Battle of Ideas About God, is excellent.

Here’s my endorsement of the book:

“Parents: if you want your kids to choose the truth and follow Christ, this is a must-read. Using easy-to-understand language and vibrant illustrations, Dr. Myers shows how bad ideas attack us like viruses, and develops four ‘I’ words for how to defeat them. Your children’s worldview determines which ideas they believe and how they choose to live their lives. The Secret Battle of Ideas shows you how to disciple them toward a worldview based on Jesus so they can stay strong and not waver in a culture waiting to infect them with lies. Read this practical, important book!”