| from John Hannigan |

(written Wednesday, 11-4, at 12:31pm)

Well, I think we survived! Did you? The campaign and election this year has been a rough one. That’s an understatement! We may not know who won for a few days yet, but we know who ultimately won right?  

I have seen such fear about the election and I wanted to offer a different perspective that I hope will help. This blog isn’t endorsing any candidate, moreover, as you will read, it’s not really about the election. 

As my wife and I sat watching the election results pour in last night, I realized I was missing something. Not a statistic on a screen, not a guess from another anchor on one of the 3 channels we were switching between, but that all four of my kids were in the living room watching with us. They were asking questions, engaging in conversation, and really taking an interest in what was going on. With a 14-year-old who prefers time in his room, this was a welcomed change. We talked about modeling, the speculations of triumph, and the desire to see certain candidates win. This was the proof of what they have been learning over the past few months about the election, politics, and the great freedom we have in our country.  

This has been a polarizing season for many. It has drawn lines of division in friendships, business dealings, and families. It has divided a nation as it has divided the Body of Christ. It has also been an engaging season. Record crowds turned out to vote for who would become the next President of the United States. People engaged in their freedom to vote, and that is important. People knew that their opinion did matter.  

But really, nothing changed this morning. We got up a little later because of the late night, we watched a little more TV than usual, and we started school a little later. We kept moving forward because we know that God is still on His throne this morning.  

In Five to Thrive, Dr. Kathy writes about the 5 core needs. Security is the foundational need that we all have to fill. The question of “Who can I trust?” is such an important one.  I didn’t walk into Tuesday trusting or putting my faith in either candidate. I put my trust in God as I do every day. He is in control. The reality is that our President doesn’t lead us. As Christians, we are led by the Holy Spirit inside us. Our security isn’t in a man, it is in The Man who died for our sins and rescued us from this world. We are supposed to live set apart, and we may have an opportunity very quickly to show how set apart we actually live. 

“Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. They are from the world; therefore they speak from the world, and the world listens to them.” –I John 4:4-5

These verses declare that we are greater than the world because the Spirit dwells in us.  This also means that we don’t act like the world. While others are grumbling and complaining, stressing and scared, we can live in the knowledge that the Lord has us!  Our security comes from Him. 

Let’s teach our children in this time what it means to live this way. Help them find the still small voice inside them that offers the assurance that God has us – that He has a plan that no person on this earth has the ability to change. We already know the ending of the story, we know where we are headed, and that’s okay.  

So, whoever wins this week, or next month, whenever it is decided, know that your security is placed in God. Mend the fences of family, friends, and most importantly the Body of Christ. Because if we don’t come back together, if we don’t run toward our common purpose, then the winner won’t be a candidate, it will be Satan. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. Don’t let him steal your security, don’t let him kill and destroy the Body of Christ. But Jesus came to give life and for us to have it abundantly! Know that you can trust Him and that He is still in control no matter who wins. 

What one thing will you do today to mend a relationship that has been negatively affected by the campaign and election? Comment or reach out on social media and let us know!  

John Hannigan has been passionate about helping both businesses and families for over twenty years. Married to his best friend, Melissa, and father to four wonderful kiddos, John’s passion and zest for life keeps him and his family always ready for the next adventure. Whether he is leading mission trips to Puerto Rico, serving families in his local church, guiding strategy and vision sessions with his clients, or taking his family on a spontaneous trip while keeping everyone laughing, John glorifies God each day by using the talents and gifts he has been given. He is excited to contribute to the Celebrate Kids team!