written by the Celebrate Kids Team

Wow!  We are living in unprecedented times, aren’t we? Can we be honest and say that we have been in a valley the past 3 or 4 months? The Celebrate Kids Team is getting back from 2 homeschool conventions. These would have wrapped up our busiest homeschool convention season to date, but instead were a welcomed return to travel as they allowed us to feel like the valley was behind us. 

Dr. Kathy flew from DFW to Atlanta, GA to speak at the Southeast Homeschool Convention on Friday, and then flew to Orlando to speak at Steadfast 2020, the Florida Parent Educators Association online conference, on Saturday and Sunday. Suzanne Phillips, a CK associate, spoke in Atlanta on Saturday and Melissa Hannigan, a CK associate, spoke in Orlando on Friday evening. With our support team split between both places it surely was a busy time.

Today’s blog should be sponsored by American Airlines as it is being written as we sit on an airplane hustling back to Fort Worth. This week Dr. Kathy will meet with the board of Celebrate Kids and unveil an 18-month vision for the ministry that we have been working on for over 3 months.  
We are in a season of change, and change isn’t always bad. Change is often necessary.  This week, at Steadfast, Dr. Kathy participated in a virtual event, that we presume will be the first of many. If you participated, you watched as 9 speakers who are used to speaking to packed rooms spoke into the camera, on a stage, in a mostly empty room fielding questions, taking polls and trying the best they could to break the fourth wall and build community through a screen.  This is not like any event we have ever done.  It is different, and it likely is the future.  

Celebrate Kids celebrated a big milestone this week. We started our 29th year of ministry.  We could be stuck in our ways, unwilling to adapt, however we are choosing to move forward positively!  We are excited to unveil the vision that the Lord has given Dr. Kathy about what the next 30 years look like!  Over the next few weeks you will see the start of that vision as we make some big announcements.  Look forward to that with us!  It would have been easy to just give up this year, 2020 is intense, but the Lord guides our steps, into and out of the valleys.  Let  us encourage you with a Kathyism today, “Don’t sit down in the valley, WALK OUT!”  Take the next step, keep moving, God has great things for you if you just keep moving forward