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We didn’t post a new blog this Wednesday. Did you miss it? I’ve been posting new material every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for quite a while now, but not this week.

I’ve been in South Carolina all week and just became overwhelmed by all there was to do to get ready for the large convention I’m speaking at. I should have written Wednesday’s post a few days earlier, knowing that I’d be busy and distracted. But, I didn’t. I was busy then, too!

The “Old Kathy” would have beaten herself up over this “bad” planning. The new one didn’t. I decided the world would not end. I chose to believe that if people missed Wednesday’s blog, they’d understand.

I was sad about missing the chance to encourage and influence people. I was happy to recognize personal growth.

What’s an area in your life where you’ve noticed growth? Share and celebrate with someone. YOU are worth it!