Time For A Little Refreshing

Time For A Little Refreshing


Have you ever tried to refresh a room? Maybe you thought new paint would do the trick. Or maybe, as I’ve done, you bought curtains for a room that didn’t have any. New carpet? Cabinets? Or maybe it was just one new chair.

Did the room feel new? Did the refresh work? Or did this one new touch just make everything else look old?

We are freshening up Celebrate Kids. And, like what sometimes happens at home, we are doing more than one thing.

  • Because we value you and others we influence, and we want even more opportunities to do so, we are investing in a new website. We should be launching it next month. We contracted with creative people who know what they’re doing, understand us, and most importantly, love the Lord. I’ll let you know when it goes live. We’re excited about it.
  • These same designers encouraged us to redesign our logo. Just like a new chair might require new pillows on the couch or carpet on the floor so the chair fits the room really well, our new website requires a new logo. Our current one doesn’t fit any more. So, for only the second time in our 26-year history, we had new logos designed. We hope these reflect well our energy and our joy for the Lord, you, and children. The smile also fits us because we want you to enjoy our materials, my books, our training, and our social media content. As Dr. Tom Armstrong says, “Without joy, learning is like soda pop without the fizzle – flat and tasteless.” Plus, when you apply what you learn, there will be more joy.


  • We’ll also start using a new system for our email newsletter this spring. If you are a subscriber http://www.celebratekids.com/newsletter/, you will notice we’re refreshing the design. We mainly chose a new delivery system for internal benefits. We’re working hard for you so we need to increase efficiency and this refresh will help us.

I hope you’re always open to growing. If you need energy or focus, I recommend looking around. What could you refresh? It can energize you!