The Celebrate Kids Team has taken over Dr. Kathy’s blog for just a moment. We want to let you know that has named Dr. Kathy Koch as one of their “Top 10 Christian Female Authors With Ministries.”

From the website:

There are numerous Christian female authors, but a few stick out and have focused on using their writing talents to minister to other women. Many authors spend years writing and praying for their ministry to grow until it finally becomes a sustainable fulltime career. Each author also takes a different path and focuses on a different ministry, but they are each passionate about the calling to serve others and reach out to mothers, spiritually wounded women, teen moms, young girls and many other groups. More and more women are focusing on women’s ministry outside of the traditional Bible class at church.

Their list also includes some amazing women like Sheila Walsh, Beth Moore, and Dr. Kathy’s friend and co-author of “No More Perfect Kids” Jill Savage. Dr. Kathy is honored, and humbled, to be included on this list.

Congratulations Kathy!