Graphic Credit: Disney’s Official Frozen Website

True love can thaw a frozen heart.

Perhaps you are among the thousands who saw the Disney animated movie Frozen. I know some children received Anna and Elsa dolls as gifts and I’ve heard of children acting out the story with and without the dolls. I know of many who have memorized the soundtrack or who enjoy singing along with the CD they received.

I enjoyed the movie and sure understand why some reviewers raved about the animation. It was truly beautiful. The story is empowering for children, especially girls, and that’s a rarity.

One of the movie’s themes, true love can thaw a frozen heart, is beautiful. What if we used this repeated line and main plot point to impress truths upon our children? This movie, in addition to being enjoyed for all the right reasons, can serve as a launching pad so your children develop important truths under your guidance.

For instance, what about these discussion starters? Use the ones that work for the age of your children and wait for the right moment to ask. Maybe buying the DVD and watching the movie again will prompt a natural discussion. Or, if you see your kids playing with their dolls, sit and talk with them. Maybe the discussion can flow from a Bible study and you can use Scripture and the movie to stimulate a healthy discussion and good discoveries.

Listen carefully to how your children answer these questions. Not only will you want to affirm truth and carefully correct misunderstandings, but you’ll probably end up with much to pray about.

  • What do you think “true love” is? What do you think it feels like? Looks like? Sounds like?
  • Do you already love someone in this way? Who? Why do you love that person in a “true” way? Are you loved in this way? By whom?
  • In addition to us (your parents) and your siblings, are you looking forward to one day loving someone in these ways who you might marry? What kind of person do you think you’d like to fall in love with?
  • What kind of person might choose to fall in love with you? Why?
  • Do you agree “true love” can thaw a frozen heart? Why or why not?
  • What isn’t “true love”? How will you recognize it?
  • If you get to know someone and you’re hoping “true love” develops, but it doesn’t, do you think you’ll be able to just remain friends? If you needed to end the relationship, how might you do that with kindness? How could I help you?
  • What might cause someone’s heart to freeze?
  • If you think you know someone with a frozen heart, is there anything you could do? What?

Of course, add questions that fit your children. And, if you’re willing to share anything in the comments section about your conversations, I’d love to know what your kids think about these issues.

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