I asked my friend and Board member, Andrea Heitz, to contribute to my blog and I’m so glad she agreed. Be encouraged and helped by her insights.

9-9-13 AndreaHeitzMy father said something very hurtful about my appearance recently. When I got off the phone, I was deeply hurt. I cried. Then I got angry.

Remembering that Dr. Kathy said trustworthy people are the second-most-important source of security, though, I took some time to think before I responded.

Is Dad trustworthy?

My life experiences with him suggest he is. His actions consistently, and usually his words, too, have been for my good.

Then why would he say that?

I finished my cry, settled my anger, and picked up the phone to ask.

When he learned that his words had made me cry, Dad apologized, immediately and sincerely, and with some distress. He hadn’t intended the statement to be a criticism, but to help me better myself, he said.

I thanked him for being trustworthy, and for trying to help me. I also explained that the language he’d used was hurtful rather than helpful. He said he’d try to do better next time.

He was trustworthy! He is trustworthy, even though something he said hurt me deeply.

So why did he say that? Because he’s human. He messed up and chose the wrong words.

I’m human, too. And I messed up by jumping to a conclusion based on my own insecurities about my appearance.

Trust between humans can be a difficult thing. But it’s definitely worth the effort.

Andrea’s Personal Bio:

“Andrea loves life and lives it to the fullest! A 3-year breast cancer survivor and life-long diabetic, Andrea learned long ago to find the best in every situation. Watching hockey with her sister (long distance over the telephone!), her precious kitty cats, being a life-long TCU Horned Frog, and loving the Lord are her passions – but not in that order! Andrea enjoys a constant conversation between her and the Lord. Listening for His words of grace, compassion, correction, and encouragement, she manages to squeeze time in to her busy schedule for volunteering as a mentor at TCU, being a board member for Celebrate Kids, Inc., and spending time with her 7 best friends!”