I showed up to the meeting about 10 minutes before it was scheduled to begin. I looked around to see if my friends were there and they hadn’t arrived yet. So, as I typically do, I chose a chair on the center aisle and this time I chose the very back row.

My friends arrived within a few minutes and we visited while we waited for the meeting to begin. We were there to hear our chiropractor and his new colleagues talk about a treatment that might help heal our backs.

I was optimistic and positive before Dr. Gideon spoke because I’ve come to trust him. Yet, I knew listening for truths relevant to my situation was essential.

After Dr. Gideon welcomed everyone in his typically friendly way, he introduced one of his colleagues. Within a matter of minutes, I realized I was totally relaxed and definitely intentional about my listening. This man was engaging and enthusiastic. He was high energy, spoke fast, used humor, and asked us to answer questions. When he said he was glad we were there to learn, it was easy to think he meant it. He was clearly knowledgeable, but didn’t share to impress us. His motivation was clearly to inform and help us.

He transitioned to the next part of the meeting by introducing another business partner who was personal, vulnerable, energetic, and authentic. She was just as knowledgeable and engaging, but she expressed her enthusiasm in quieter ways. I was glad. I saw that the colleagues/speakers wouldn’t be performing and there wasn’t a mold they had poured them into. That would be disrespectful.

After sharing her testimony about the effects of the treatment being discussed, this partner introduced video testimonies and then the next doctor. Like those before her, she was gracious when introducing him as an important member of the team.

It was now his turn to explain why he was totally on board with the treatment being discussed. He reiterated what my chiropractor opened the meeting with – they each believe that the God Who created us is the God Who heals us.

It was easy for me to agree with what we were being taught. The information was clearly explained. Each speaker backed themselves up with data and patient testimonials. But my agreement was due to more than that.

It was the unity among the colleagues. It was compelling. The respect they showed all of us and each other was refreshing. Their public admission that they share the same values and passions made it easy for me to listen and learn. I believed I knew my chiropractor well enough to expect him to align only with fellow believers in Christ. But to see it happening was deeply encouraging. It put me at peace. It was security in them. It was security between them. Security was in the place, and it mattered.