Unmask: Trust Someone & Be Real

There’s a difference between wearing a mask and a costume one day a year and wearing them all year long.

I ache for children and adults who feel they must wear masks and costumes every day of the year. They have no one they can trust with their stories, their pain, and maybe even their joy. I’m sad for them and I’m concerned. Hiding is never healthy.

Look for these people in your lives. There’s an identity crisis in our country. Many people are unsure of who they are, who they could be, and who they should be. You probably know some of these people.

They may be silent and trying to be invisible. They may be inconsistent because they don’t know which side of themselves you’ll approve of. They may frustrate you.

You could be the key that unlocks their pain. Can you be the trustworthy one? Can you let them know you’re safe? Will they take off their masks and costumes and be real with you?

Healing can happen. Being sure of our identity unlocks so much! People can discover true belonging, life-giving purpose, and competence that leads to success. Security will result and it changes everything.

This week I’m praying people will find someone to be real with. Join me.