In the Celebrate Kids email newsletter, Tina Hollenbeck and I have been writing about the fruit of the Spirit. When writing recently about faithfulness, I asked readers that question. What are you full of faith for?

Everyone has faith in something or someone. The object of our faith is key.

A friend from years ago had faith that she would have a bad day. She was a negative pessimist who didn’t have many positive things, if any, to say about anyone or anything, including herself. She believed she would have a bad day. It won’t surprise you to know she usually did – according to her.

Do you know people who have their faith in themselves? I do. I used to be this person. It’s okay to know your strengths and abilities, but it’s unwise and prideful to place your faith there. We put ourselves under too much pressure, tend to isolate ourselves, and beat ourselves up when we disappoint ourselves – which we will.

Parents who place their faith in their children being able to be obedient, smart, pretty, or something else they value aren’t being fair to their children. Parents should have appropriately high expectations for their children. They should believe in them. But, putting their faith in them and their choices isn’t right. These children can experience real pressure. They’ll often be fearful they’ll disappoint their parents – and they will.

Have you thought of other unwise things or people that we might place our faith in? I pray we each guard ourselves against the temptation.

Friends and I enjoyed a vibrant discussion at church yesterday about faith. We talked about why faith in God matters. Then I asked what faith in God can do.

Answers to this question helped to reveal how this faith is different from the other sources. Here’s our list. Maybe you’ll think of other things faith in God can do. Perhaps talking with your children about faith in general and faith in God would be a great way to begin your week.

Faith believes, heals, provides, comforts, restores, hopes, asks, gives, seeks, carries, hears, sees, loves, maintains, moves, works, knows, encourages, refreshes, sustains, …

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