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What’s the purpose of snow? Is it something to shovel or something to have fun with? Something to avoid? Something that makes road dangerous and interrupts your plans? All of the above? Your experiences matter.

What’s your purpose? Your experiences matter.

Growing up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, I learned how to shovel snow at a young age. My dad didn’t purchase a snow blower until my brother and I were long gone. Snow was something to shovel.

My family enjoyed going to various sledding hills when Dave and I were young. We built snow forts in our front and back yards and had vicious (but fun) snowball fights with our neighbors. Building a large snowman with our dad’s help was always a favorite experience. Snow was something to have fun with.

Now I live in Fort Worth, Texas, near where the Super Bowl was held last year, in Arlington. It snowed much more than normal for our area that week and it caused many problems. Roofs collapsed, roads were closed, people’s cars got stuck, and events were cancelled. Snow was something that definitely made roads dangerous and interrupted plans.

Rarely does anything or anyone have just one purpose.

Why do you exist? Do you want to expand your answer? Expand your experiences to discover something new.