Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life.

Certain things always put a smile on my face. What about you? What causes you to smile? Is it small things, big things, or some of both? Who could you make a list with? You’ll learn a lot about the person’s priorities, desires, and joys and they’ll learn a lot about yours. You’ll see the core needs showing up in your list.

  • Dads holding children’s hands.
  • Grandchildren hugging grandparents’ necks when saying goodbye.
  • Young teens playing with yo-yos in the airport to pass time rather than texting or playing a game on a hand-held device. (This is such a fun memory for me to come back to.)
  • The first buds on a tree in the springtime. Especially trees in my yard.
  • Driving into the driveway and noticing a package delivered to the front door.
  • A donation box overflowing with practical expressions of love and hope.
  • The shocked look on a restaurant manager’s face when hearing a compliment.
  • A children’s choir singing. Anything. Anywhere.
  • A congregation clapping when it’s time in the service to give tithes and offerings as an act of worship to God. (Yes, I’ve been in this church more than once. It happens. It’s natural for them. It’s humbling and inspiring and I smile just thinking about their faith and love for God and His people.)
  • A couple in love smiling and laughing.
  • Playing a board game or card game with my family.
  • Making good contact with the golf ball and having it land near where I wanted it to.
  • Children making snow angels after a fresh snowfall.
  • Family and friends waiting at an airport to greet soldiers returning home from the warzone.
  • A well-read Bible with sections underlined and bookmarks marking favorite passages.