Which Smarts Are Your Strengths

Which Smarts Are Your Strengths?

Last week I taught about the 8 great smarts we and children have. It’s always fun to teach and I have found that homeschool parents especially value what they learn.

The day after hearing me teach about the smarts, a dad of several children stopped by our exhibit space to ask me a question: Can you tell me more about how to figure out which smarts are strengths?

I shared a number of things. Academic classes children enjoy and do well at suggest which smarts are strong. When they talk, what do they talk about? When they ask questions, what do they ask about? What they get excited about, do in their spare time, and how they get into trouble all point to favored smarts.

We can also look at the way they live their lives, their habits, and their preferences.

Our plane taking Judy, Debbie, and I home from this convention was diverted to a different airport because of high winds at DFW. After we sat on the plane for quite a while, flight attendants served glasses of water from trays.

When the attendant came to me, about one-third of the glasses had been taken – all from the same end of the tray. When I reached for our three glasses, I chose to take them from the opposite side of the tray, hoping this would help the tray stay balanced in her hands.

She was shocked and immediately responded, “Thank you!” with great enthusiasm. She asked, “How did you think to do that?”

How did I respond? “I’m logic smart.”