The tables were full and yet people kept coming. Men set up extra tables quickly in the back and on the side of the room.

Dana kept looking toward the door. Concern registered on her face as she quietly commented that Grant had entered the room alone. I knew she didn’t want anyone from our small group sitting with strangers.

As she became more concerned, I admit to thinking that Grant could handle meeting new people. He’s confident with a comfortable personality. Plus, since we were all from church there were bound to be other people in the room he knew or at least that he’d be willing to know. But, Dana kept looking.

After a few more minutes, when it was clear that there were no spots available at tables with members of our group, Tim and I separated to make space for Grant. We already had eight at our table, but we could easily add a ninth. We welcomed Grant easily.

I then saw Dana relax. I saw her heart. She knew Grant would have been okay. He could have had conversations with people. It wasn’t that he couldn’t have formed new relationships. It was that Dana didn’t want him to have to.

Dana is welcoming. It’s an easy strength. She understands that acquaintances are different from friends.

This month, who can you make room for? Which friend needs to spend some time with you? Which acquaintance would you like to become a friend? Be strategic.

Also, remember that God always has room for one more.