Who Inspires You?


Who Inspires You?


Who has inspired you lately? Think about it for minute.

I was just inspired by Sandi, a friend I’m getting to know better. She played the piano in church on Sunday and yet only took three years of piano lessons when she was in junior high. She told me she considers yourself mostly self-taught. She’s probably very music smart.

I don’t know a lot of people who start from a somewhat meager beginning and work on something hard enough and long enough alone that blessing others with the skill becomes possible. Sandi did a great job on the prelude, offertory, and postlude and accompanying us as we sang hymns. I never would have guessed she only took lessons for three years.

Sandi’s daughter was a choir teacher. Sandi also worked to develop her skill so she could accompany the choir for her daughter. That takes real skill. She loved serving and helping her daughter.

I am inspired because too many people don’t serve because they assume they don’t have enough ability. My friend, Sandi, stretches herself. She wants to serve. Therefore, she works to develop talent. She inspires me.

Some parents tell me they’re afraid to give their children piano lessons, sign them up for drama, or enroll them on a sport’s team. They’re afraid their kids will want to do it forever and it will drain the family’s finances and be so time-consuming that there’s no time for anything else. Or, they’re afraid they’ll hate the lessons, whine a lot, and give up. But, …

Have we missed out? How many “Sandis” haven’t been discovered because we never got them started or because they quit when lessons were over?

Who can you inspire today? Don’t wait.

Which skill is within you that you could develop for God’s service? Don’t wait.

Who inspires you? Who is your Sandi? Thank him or her.