Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life.

Purpose is one of our core needs and the question that defines it is, “Why am I alive?”

In addition to answering this question with our whole life in mind, we can answer it while thinking of shorter periods of time. For instance, a freshman in college might think with this question in mind:

  • “How might this year fit in with my life goals?” Or,
  • “What do I need to learn this year so I can go forward to meet my goals?”

With Christmas a month away, it might be wise to ask and answer questions like,

  • “What do I want to accomplish this month and what do I not need to do?”
  • “In January, when I look back on December, what do I hope stands out? What will I want to remember for a lifetime?”
  • How will I keep the focus where I want it to be?

When we remember our life’s purpose, it’s more likely that our weekly and monthly purposes will line up. Integrity results – and it’s a very good thing.

Always keeping the “Why?” in front of us will help.

  • “Why am I doing this?”
  • “Why am I not doing that?”

If you’re like most, the next four weeks will be very full.

Decorations to purchase or find in the storage spaces we annually use. Trees to decorate. Other Christmas decorations to place in their designated places.

Gift lists. Shopping. Wrapping. Shopping. Wrapping.

Meals to plan. Shopping lists to make. Groceries to buy. Recipes to create.

Cards to purchase, sign, address, and send.

Gifts to pack and send.

Children’s concerts. Church concerts. School Christmas programs.

Gift exchanges.

Lunches with church friends.

Travel plans to make.

There’s more, I’m sure…..

Keep your purpose questions in mind. Sanity and more will result.