He approached me at our exhibit space like a lot of other parents. But, he didn’t want to talk about his children. Like often happens, my teaching about the 8 great smarts had affected him personally.

To make the point that the way children are smart can influence the way we present the gospel I had shared part of my story. Because I’m very logic smart, when I was young, I had many questions about God, church, and differences among churches.

When I was 19, at one of my many meetings with my pastor, he answered more of my questions, affirmed that it was okay to have questions, and shared what we learn about Jesus from Colossians 2:3:

“in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

That truth was a turning point for me. As I said in the seminar this dad attended, I needed God’s wisdom. At the time, I didn’t think I needed His love. So often people talk about God’s love. That’s understandable. Everyone needs love and God’s love is profound. Yet, it’s not the only thing that’s powerfully true about God.

He is also the wisdom we need. As a logic-smart person, it’s what I knew I needed. As an introvert deeply loved by an extended family, I thought I had enough love.

After trusting Christ as my Savior and Lord, I began to understand how much I needed God’s love and how much loving Him back would encourage me. But, love never would have been the initial draw to Christ for me.

I knew the gospel – Jesus died for my sin and rose from the dead. I believed that. Because I’m logic-smart, I wanted this to make sense. I wanted to be able to explain it to others. I sometimes say that faith is hard for logic-smart people because it can’t be easily explained. Knowing this about me, my pastor shared Colossians 2:3. He also taught me that the Holy Spirit would teach me and help me understand Scripture after I believed. That was the other missing piece for me.

This dad was encouraged to know he wasn’t alone in searching for answers. He admitted to sometimes doubting and being angry with himself for wanting to know more about things others just seemed to accept as truth. He appreciated being affirmed for wanting wisdom. He was validated and said he could now relax. That’s huge!

What about you? Do you know anyone for whom God’s wisdom would be important to talk with them about? Don’t delay.