Write A Psalm Of Praise To God

Write A Psalm Of Praise To God

Have you ever written your own Psalm of praise to God? After Nancy taught a lesson about worship a number of years ago, she encouraged us to write our own Psalm.

I’m glad I did and I’m glad I stumbled on the Psalm when I was looking for something else the other day. I was glad to reread it. Perhaps you’d like to write your own worship Psalm. Thinking about my beliefs and feelings so I could write them down forced me to get specific and move beyond the obvious. Being focused on God reminded me to think more about Him and less about me all the time.

This was an excellent lesson on security. I remember finishing and having such peace about my God. The God of the Bible – My Rock – is worthy of my trust.

I believe if you try to write your own Psalm, God will reveal to you what you are currently and truly believing. What you’re wrestling with. Where your doubts are. Where your strengths are. Where the battles have been won.

What came from my heart encouraged me. Perhaps it will encourage you, too.

A Psalm of Praise to My Everything

God – Awesome are you!

God – Beautiful you are!

God – Wise are you!

God – Loving you are!

God – Generous are you!

God – Everything you are!

When things are hard, You make them easier.

Help me remember this!

When things are confusing, You make them clearer.

Help me remember this!

When I am tired, You provide energy.

When I am overwhelmed, You focus me.

When I am weak, You provide strength.

When I am unsure, You provide direction.

When I am in danger, You protect me.

When I doubt, You provide hope.

When I am lacking what I need, You provide it and more.

Help me remember this!

When I am joyful, You are the reason.

When I am at peace, You are the reason.

When I experience love, You are the reason.

When I am content, You are the reason.

When I am fulfilled, You are the reason.

God – awesome, beautiful, wise, loving, generous, everything! You are the reason.